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Alas, a place to rant and have people agree with you. Hehehe...anyway, I just wanted to make a comment on a user I know in a forum I go to. This user parades around the forum proclaiming himself the grammar/spelling nazi. Normally, I would be pleased to see a fellow stickler. However, this user repeatedly uses words such as "thats" or spells out "your" when it should be "you're". He also once wrote, "lieing". I was twitching on a regular basis when I read his writing, and I am extremely annoyed with his supposed title.

What also bothers me is that here in Canada we are made to spell using British vocabulary, but when it comes to writing essays and using punctuation, we are forced into the MLA style, which is thoroughly American. Argh the frustration!

Also, I have a job as an assistant at a reading and math learning center, and I mark the reading activities of children. When I gazed upon the work, what did I find?! AMERICAN SPELLING. IN CANADA. I was appalled. In fact, I'm thinking of writing a letter to the head office of Kumon (the learning center) with my complaint. It is ridiculous. Teach children the foundation of spelling American-style and then in school they wonder why they're always wrong! Horrible. Anyway, I must sleep. 'Tis late. Good night! =)
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