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Otium, a literary/art magazine

I apologize if this is an abuse of this community, but I've been lurking for a while and had something that I wanted to share with you guys.

I am on the editorial staff of a brand new online literary/art magazine, Otium. We launched our inaugural issue on March 9, with seven works of fiction, two stage pieces, one interview, two artists (sketch and photography), and one HTML project. I hope that you'll check us out!

Also, Otium is currently accepting submissions for its upcoming second issue, to launch April 9. Otium accepts prose of all forms for publication: short stories and memoirs, plays and screenplays, fiction and nonfiction. Since we are an online publication, Otium accepts submissions of all lengths, with no word or page limits. Otium also accepts digital art submissions, from photographs and sketches to graphic art. We are especially fond of projects that combine both elements of text and images. (If you would like to submit your previously unpublished work, please do so at otium at

Tell us your story. We'll give you infinite space.

Thanks for listening.
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