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Alas! My mind's haven is found at last! Eats, Shoots and Leaves is actually a coursebook for one of my English courses in University, but I intend on keeping it until I die. In fact, my professor has only used the whole, "Every lady in the land, hath blah blah blah" poem from it, and it's already nearing the third month of our course. But of course, seeing the subtitle: "The Zero-Tolerance Approach to Grammar" upon the cover, I devoured the book ahead of time from cover to cover in my stickler-obsessive way. I laughed at the horrid examples of bad grammar, and could verily relate those examples to documents printed from my previous high school, and even now in University (this is truly sad). I am delighted in finding this community, and yet a bit disappointed that I could not be the first to create it! Hahaha...oh well, it is pleasing to see fellow sticklers out there amongst this world of ignorant "English users". I wish to discuss more on my issues with grammar and related matters, but right now I am in grave need of sleep and must finish my thesis paragraph. Bye-bye! And THANK YOU for starting this community. Lynne Truss deserves such a community...and it saddens me to see only a bare 7 members! *sighs* Ah well... STICKLERS UNITE! (Forgive me if there are any spelling/grammar errors within this post, but as I said, I am tired.)
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